Ballbusting at Verbal Bust

Verbal Bust Dominas love to kick men where it hurts most. They enjoy seeing men drop right where they stand.

A Verbal Bust Domina wouldn’t care about the agony you’d feel after you’ve dropped from a devastating kick she dished you. She’d most likely just laugh at you while you’re writhing in pain. Then she’d squat down, get you to sit on your butt, pull your legs apart, stand up and deliver another jaw dropping kick to your already swollen and bruised testicles.

Verbal Bust women are raw, sexy and dominant.

Ballbusting Call Roles

While on call with your Domina you can alternate between call roles or stick to your favorite. Call roles include:

Virtual Ballbusting Flirt

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When you choose to have a Virtual Ballbusting Flirt your Domina will detail exactly how she’d punish your nuts if you were in her presence.

No, your Domina will not be reading from a script. What you’ll hear will be straight from the mind of your Domina.

Your Domina will describe a full unique scene with you in it.  A Virtual Ballbusting Flirt is sure to make you squirm and cum too!

Learn more about Virtual Ballbusting Flirt


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In the dialog call role its just open conversation between you in your Domina.

You may want to ask her how she feels when she bust balls. Or maybe ask her about the first time she struck a guy in his nuts.

If you’ve got something specific you want to know or talk about then shoot for it!

Call 800-388-8522 to talk with a Domina now!

LIVE Story  (Coming Soon!)

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Verbal Bust maintains a database of fresh ballbusting stories with new ones added every week.

Sit back with closed eyes as your sexy Domina reads you a ballbusting story LIVE with emphasis on each strike and its effect it has on its poor victim.

A LIVE ballbusting story at Verbal Bust is sure to get you off!

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